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Voicing Your Steinway Piano

The tone, or voice, of a fine piano can be adjusted to a variety of “personalities”. A piano that sounds too bright or brash can be mellowed or made more delicate; conversely, a mellow piano can be given more sizzle, depending on the preferences of the player and the acoustics of your space. Voicing is an exacting craft best done by an experienced piano technician.

Piano tone can be developed to its fullest “brilliance” for the stage, or more softly and sweetly for a more intimate space. Either way, evenness and balance from one part of the piano to another must be carefully controlled to give the largest possible range of color and dynamic. The piano is then at its most expressive. Doug has mastered this skill over the last decades by developing the tone of hundreds of fine pianos.

Maximizing the potential tonal palette of the instrument, while optimizing the voicing level for you, will give you the most enjoyment from your piano.

For more information on voicing, open this Piano Technicians Guild webpage, scroll down, then click on "What is voicing?".

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