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"I have enjoyed Doug Wood’s masterly craftsmanship for years now, seeing him work wonders in tuning and refining each instrument with which he interacts. More close to home, so to speak: Doug completely rebuilt my own Steinway B a year ago, to an exceptional outcome. He first listened closely to the personal ‘qualities’ of the sound I was seeking to restore in the instrument. And he was painstaking in his patient and loving attention in every phase of the process.

"Most importantly, Doug has the passion – he ‘speaks’ piano, to pianists, and he gets the magic of great music‑making, on a fine instrument. I have total confidence in his abilities and his commitment to his art. He can make great things happen with a piano. I would call him ‘The Piano Whisperer.’"


Dr. Robin McCabe
Professor of Music, Head, Keyboard Program
School of Music, University of Washington


- - - - - - 

"Beyond technical expertise and extensive training lies an innate ability to unite a musician with their instrument. Without fail, Doug has translated my imperfect feedback where clumsy words attempt a description and intuit them into a preparation that elevates the very core of my playing experience. The action is perfect. The voicing is powerful and dynamic. The tuning is swimming in complexity of character and nuance. His knowledge of the Steinway piano and its intricacies is seemingly boundless, and his love for the instrument shows in all of his work. The first on a very short list of recommended local technicians directly from Steinway in New York, Doug has treated me with tremendous patience, empathy, and respect and has earned a loyal, grateful client."

Benjamin, Composer

- - - - - - 

"You are a genius! The sound makes my bones melt. Really, now I don’t have to spend so much energy making the piano do what I want it to do — I can concentrate on the music and know that the sound will be there. Thanks."


- - - - - - 

J"ust want to thank you for your care and attention and expertise with my piano in July. I have been “exploring” what I can do and what sounds I have access to now: rounder & warmer, bell‑like in soprano, oomph in the bass, tone even with the most delicate touch. My lid is up all the way, and I’ve started the Beethoven I was holding off on…

I"t has been such a pleasure every day, to enjoy a carefully regulated touch and sound, such a treat. It is so different, and what I have wanted…"


- - - - - - 

"The Steinway is stunning! We are very happy with it. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job…"

- - - - - - 

"Let this letter serve as recommendation for the use of Mr. Doug Wood’s services in the reconditioning and other related remanufacturing of Steinway pianos.

"It should be noted that Steinway & Sons Service Department has relied on Mr. Wood’s skills in satisfying customer inquiries and supplying our company with invaluable technical feedback.

"Mr. Wood has been a student of both Steinway & Sons Factory and Concert Seminars on April 6-10 and November 16-20 respectively. His tutorage at our Concert Seminar was with Mr. Franz Mohr, Steinway & Sons most prestigious Chief Concert Technician.

"Because of Mr. Wood’s extensive piano experience and knowledge of the Steinway piano, he was invited to critique a new factory seminar started this year, on the tuning and voicing of Steinway pianos.

"I am pleased to be able to recommend Mr. Doug Wood’s services to those needing advice, repair and remanufacture of their Steinway piano."

Very truly yours,

Gary M. Green
Director, Technical Services
Steinway & Sons


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