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Customizing Your Steinway Piano

Every piano has its own personality. Many factors contribute to this, including inherent tone from that individual soundboard, plate and case; regulation; voicing; details of how the action was fitted to the individual piano; and even tuning. This provides considerable potential for customizing a piano to best suit its owner/player, the venue, and the preferred music.

In his 35 years in the business, Doug has developed methods to customize your piano to maximize your enjoyment.

Many customers thoroughly enjoy their new instrument as delivered and tuned. The more discriminating player may recognize that a fine piano is rarely at its greatest when it is new; time, play and custom service from a fine technician all help to develop its tone and touch.

When pianos show enough wear and/or age to benefit from regulating or rebuilding, there is much potential for customization. Doug is particularly adept at preparing pianos to suit their use and location, from concert hall to living room.

For a consultation about customizing your piano, contact Doug Wood.

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